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Medical Emergency

If there is a medical emergency within your office or observed by you, please provide the following information to the Property Management Office by calling (512) 306-5000:

  • Provide the type of medical emergency
  • Exact location and name of the sick or injured person
  • Has an ambulance or doctor been notified?
    • If not, the Property Management Office will contact an ambulance service and make ready their entrance into the building.
    • If the sick or injured person requests you call their doctor, please do, and notify the Property Management Office so assistance can be given to the doctor when entering the building.
    • Assign at least one Floor Warden or Assistant Warden to stand by on the floor where the sick or injured person is located to meet the doctor and/or ambulance attendants, and guide them to the sick or injured person. If the sick or injured person is going to a hospital, try to send a friend or fellow employee along to assist them at the hospital until a spouse/relative arrives.

Fast response to medical emergencies can save lives. Never hesitate to Call 911 for medical assistance if needed. Remember to contact the Property Management Office with details so the building staff can assist when the emergency personnel arrive at the property.

Note: Please advise the emergency medical personnel if you have preference of hospital location. Most ambulances will transport patients to any local hospital. To should be noted that all trauma emergencies will be directed to Breckenridge Hospital.