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This emergency plan is established as an integral part of the official building’s response to emergencies. The contents of this plan are designed as an “operational guide” for the behavior, safety and protection of the tenants and visitors to the building.


As outlined on the following pages, this emergency plan establishes a sequential “plan of response” for initially recognizing, identifying and reporting the existence of specific emergency situations threatening the building and/or its inhabitants; and then provides for the safety and protection of endangered personnel and/or assets.

When implemented and supplemented with appropriate instructions from the building’s Property Manager or representatives, this plan becomes an “operational tool” for the effective and responsive action when occupants of the building are forced to cope with various emergency situations.

General Emergency Guidelines

Listed below are steps that should be followed in almost every type of emergency:

  • Remain calm. Panic can cause more damage in many cases than the emergency itself.
  • Contact the appropriate party immediately and relate all pertinent information (address, office number, name, phone number).
  • Do not become a spectator. Head away from, not toward, the problem area. Avoid getting in the way of emergency personnel.
  • Follow the directions of those in charge of the situation.

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