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Tenant Information

Vendor Building Rules of the Site


(Updated: 6/24/24)

The following rules and regulations govern work at DIMENSIONAL PLACE (“Site”).

  1. Contractor shall fully cooperate with the Site security program to include pandemic protocols.
  2. Only Contractors who are cleared to be on site may enter. Clearances must be requested 48 hours prior to entry.
  3. Contractor parking is on Level 3 of the garage. DO NOT PARK ALONG PARKING CIRCLES IN FRONT OF BUILDINGS OR ALONG FIRE LANE OR AT THE DOCK. Oversized vehicle contractor parking on the 1st floor of the garage. See Security for directions. If vehicle is unable to fit in garage, contact Security and park as directed.
  4. Contractors entering the site must present a valid I.D. (Unexpired Driver’s License, Passport or other government issued photo ID). Upon check-in, Contractors will be issued an access badge to be worn in a visible manner. Contractors are not permitted to leave the site for any reason (including breaks) with an access badge. Contractors must enter and exit through the dock and check in and out with Security.
  5. Contractor MUST wear a company uniform (minimum requirements are a company logo T-shirt, jeans with no tears or holes and no hats or shorts inside the building – Hard hats are acceptable when required).
  7. All workers, contractors and subcontractors are required to take all lunch breaks out of the buildings, off the grounds, or they may take their breaks in their vehicles parked in the garage. The on-Site café and break bars are private and off-limits to any Contractor.
  8. ABSOLUTELY NO LADDERS, CARTS, DOLLIES OR TOOLS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED THROUGH THE LOBBY OR THE PASSENGER ELEVATORS. Doing so will result in immediate removal from the Site. Contractor should use the loading dock door to enter the building and the freight elevator or stairs to access upper floors.
  9. No workers, contractors or subcontractors should be in tenant areas such as the lobby, break areas or occupied tenant floors, unless they are authorized and working on a specific job.
  10. No alcoholic beverages, “controlled substances” and/or weapons are allowed on the premises.
  11. Contractor is responsible for protecting and maintaining all existing building finishes and surfaces at the Site and entire route of materials delivery from loading dock to service corridor to work area. If a Contractor causes any damage, the Contactor is responsible for paying for any repairs or replacements.
  12. Prior to commencement of work, Contractor shall conduct an inspection of the Site. Contractor is responsible for documenting any existing damage via video or camera.
  13. Contractor will comply with all Local, State and Federal safety and health regulations (including OSHA) that pertain to such at the Site.
  14. Contractor shall be responsible for all actions of its subcontractors, employees, agents and visitors, while on the Site. No loud or abusive language, actions or music will be allowed.
  15. Contractor shall clean work area and material delivery route daily of all debris and rubbish resulting from Contractor’s work.
  16. No chemicals, substances or waste shall be disposed of in Site plumbing or floor drains.
  17. Contractor must use the restroom on the 1st floor after hours and in provided portables during business hours unless approved otherwise.
  18. The following areas require an escort by Security. Escort areas may change from time to time per Owner/Client’s written notification.
    1. Building One: Fire Control Room, Telcom Rooms, UPS room, Control Rooms, Level 2 storage 2509e, Data and Network Rooms, Broadcast and Editing Rooms, Live Studio, Level 5 File Room and Telcom Room, the entire Sixth Floor, Level 7 File Rooms, and all Red Dot doors as outlined by Owner/Client.
    2. Garage: The Maintenance shop.
    3. Building Two: all Telcom Rooms, Fire Control Room, Data and Network Rooms, and all Tenant space.
  19. For a copy of the privacy notice governing the Site, please contact Security.

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