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Tenant Information

Remodeling & Alterations Procedures

Throughout your occupancy, certain modifications to your suite may become necessary. These modifications may simply be relocating an outlet or may be more involved, such as reconfiguring walls or doors. Provisions for alterations, additions and improvements to the suite are covered in your Lease.

The Property Management Office is available to assist with any construction projects. Our capabilities range from simple coordination of contractors to assistance with the preparation of contract documents, drawings, specifications and contractor bids. Through experience, we have developed relationships with many qualified contractors, which leads to competitive pricing, quality and courteous work. A fee is charged for the services depending on the level of involvement.

Any construction work, which is to take place in the building, must comply with the Rules of Site. A copy of the Rules of Site may be obtained by calling the Property Management Office. In order to ensure compliance with basic design criteria and that records are updated, the Property Management Office needs to review all construction prior to the start. Scheduling of work should be coordinated through the Property Management Office to insure the integrity of the base building. Prior to performing any work in the building, all contractors and their subcontractors must provide a certificate of insurance verifying compliance with the liability requirements established by the Property Management Office.