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Tenant Information

Moving Policy


The following guidelines are provided to assist movers and large furniture deliveries to Dimensional Place.

For a number of reasons, including commitments to other tenants and issues associated with liability, we will require movers to comply with these rules. If they do not, it is our duty to either deny them entry to the property or discontinue the move.

Before The Move

  • MOVE DATE: Please schedule your move-in of large quantities of furniture, equipment or supplies after 6:00 p.m. on weekdays or anytime on weekends to avoid possible inconvenience to other tenants. Once your move-in date is established, please notify the Property Management Office of the date and approximate time of your intended move-in, in order to avoid any conflicts with any other tenants.
  • HVAC: For your comfort, after-hours air conditioning can be provided during your move-in. You can arrange for air conditioning by selecting the appropriate tab on the homepage. We will waive all charges for reasonable use of after-hours HVAC during your move.
  • SECURITY: Building Two is open from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday – Friday and 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., Saturday. For access during the secured hours, contact Property Management Office prior to your arrival.
  • MOVERS: Please provide the Property Management Office with the name of the moving company, including contact name and phone number.
  • Once move-in date is selected, we will coordinate a meeting with the appointed Tenant Representative, a representative with the moving company, and the Property Manager to review the Rules of Building as well as walk the move-in route.
  • The moving company must carry the insurance coverage listed below and provide a Certificate of Insurance to Property Management prior to the move
  1. Commercial General Liability
    • $1,000,000 General Aggregate
    • $1,000,000 Products/Completed Operations Aggregate
    • $1,000,000 Each Occurrence
    • General Aggregate Limit Per Project or Per Location Only
  2. Automobile Insurance
    • $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit
  3. Workers’ Compensation – Should meet all state requirements
    • Employers’ Liability
    • $500,000 Each Accident
    • $500,000 Disease Policy Limit
    • $500,000 Disease Each Employee
  4. Umbrella Liability
    • $4,000,000 Each Occurrence
  5. The full name of the owner, Palidsades West LLC should be shown as Additional Insured. In regards to Commercial General Liability policy, ISO additional insured endorsements CG 20 10 and CG 20 37 or their equivalents may be required.
  6. Issue the certificate to:
  7. Palisades West LLC
    RE: Dimensional Place
    6300 Bee Cave Road, Bldg. One
    Austin, TX 78746

During Your Move

  • Except as indicated above under Before The Move, small and individual items for the move-in will be permitted during normal business hours; however, no deliveries using dollies are permitted through the lobby. You must use the back loading area and service elevator.
  • The designated Tenant Representative must be present at all times during move-in and large deliveries.
  • Upon arrival, the moving company must sign in with Property Management Office and management will advise Security of the number of movers and will release the service elevator for the moving company’s use after sign-in.
  • All trucks must unload at the loading zone.
  • Moving company must use rubber matting and clean Masonite sections as runners on all finished floor areas and carpet where heavy furniture or equipment is being moved with wheel- or skid-type dollies. The Masonite must be at least ΒΌ-inch think and 4-feet by 8-feet. Sheets in corridors must be taped together to inhibit sliding. The moving company must supply such protective coverings.
  • Moving company must provide and install protective coverings on all walls, doors facing, elevator cabs, corridor corners, and other areas along the move-in route. Before and after the move, a representative of Property management Office will meet with the moving company foreman to inspect all walls, carpet, door facings, elevator cab, and other areas along the move-in route.
  • The moving company or tenant must repair any damage to the property, building or fixtures caused by the move-in process. Otherwise, the tenant will be billed for necessary repairs or restoration.
  • For your comfort, after-hours air conditioning can be provided during your move-in. Tenant can arrange for air conditioning by selecting the appropriate building HVAC tab on the homepage. Management will waive all charges for reasonable use of after-hours HVAC during the move.
  • For reasons of liability, property employees are not permitted to assist in moves. We also cannot loan any tools, including ladders, power tools, or jumper cables. We do provide certain courtesy services for minor maintenance needs that may arise during your move.
  • Moving company personnel may not smoke anywhere in the building.

Elevator Operation

  • Moving company must make prior arrangements with the Property Management Office for use of the service elevator for each move.
  • Moving company personnel are not permitted to use the passenger elevators.
  • The elevator must be key-operated to hold the doors open for prolonged periods. Doors must not be blocked open by furniture or objects.
  • The service elevator has the following specifications:
Door 4’ wide, 8’ high
Cab 5’8” wide, 8’1” deep, 10’ high
Weight Capacity 4,500 lbs

Any items or combination of items that exceed these capacities will require special handling and documentation.

Clean-up and Repairs

  • Moving company must remove all protective coverings from the glass, doors, elevator, corridors, floors, stairwells, and any other places where such coverings have been placed. Tape marks, if any, must be cleaned off completely.
  • Moving company must vacuum, sweep, and/or damp-mop all common area floors wherever necessary to restore them to their original conditions of cleanliness and appearance.
  • Restrooms must be left in clean condition.
  • Moving company must remove from the property any and all trash or refuse generated as a result of the move-in by the end of the move-in date. Tenant will be billed for the removal of any materials not taken away by the moving company.

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