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Tenant Information

Cleaning & Janitorial

Cleaning services are provided between 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Dimensional Place's cleaning contractor will perform general dusting of surfaces, removal of trash and recycle materials, general vacuuming, spot carpet cleaning, sweeping and mopping hard surfaces and cleaning of restrooms. Detailed vacuuming and dusting is performed on a periodic schedule.

The cleaning contractor provides base building cleaning services to our tenants. The cost of these base services is part of the services provided by the Landlord. Cleaning services over and above base building cleaning, such as microwave cleaning or dishwashing, can be performed by our cleaning contractor at the tenant’s expense.

Special cleaning requests should be coordinated through the Property Management Office at (512) 306-5000.

Trash must be in a waste receptacle or clearly marked “Trash” or “Basura”. Please do not leave items that are not trash on top of waste baskets. Should you have trash during the day that is in your way, please contact the Property Management Office. If possible, the day porter will remove it for you. Do not place trash in corridors or stairwells.

Recyclables: Dimensional Place offers single-stream recycling. All mixed office paper, newspaper, plastic (# 1 and #2), glass and aluminum cans can be disposed in special blue recycling containers at your desk or throughout your office. Each evening, our janitors remove the recycle materials. Batteries may be recycled at the Property Management Office

Window Cleaning: The exterior windows are cleaned two times per year.

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