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Toxic Hazards

Biological/Chemical Substance Threat:

Response to and preparation against threats or actual attacks from biological or chemical agents is similar to bomb threats or attacks. By their nature, however, biological and chemical agents can be extremely difficult to detect until their physical symptoms can be observed in exposed persons. Symptoms can include breathing difficulty, watery eyes, nausea, dizziness, and difficulty in moving. These symptoms can occur suddenly, without any prior warnings. Medical attention should be summoned immediately with the onset of these symptoms.

Biological or chemical threats can be common agents (pepper spray or mace) or much more complex in nature (anthrax, nerve gas).

Routine security vigilance is the most important protective measure. Access to your work areas should be controlled and suspicious items should be reported. Containing any biological or chemically affected areas (close doors, shut down HVAC) and isolating any exposed persons is critical in responding to attacks.

Contact 911 so trained responders can be summoned. Then notify the Property Management Office at (512) 306-5000.