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About Dimensional Place

Dimensional Place is a two-building, 22-acre corporate campus that opened in October 2008. The developers challenged the designers to “make the buildings part of the land,” and the result is a corporate campus literally born out of the precious piece of nature it inhabits. The campus is set atop a bluff seven miles west of downtown Austin and is designed to blend in with the natural topography of its surroundings. Dimensional Place offers panoramas of expansive hills to the west and Austin’s burgeoning city skyline to the east. The two curvilinear buildings look as if at one time they might have been joined together; a geode split apart by tectonic shifts in the Colorado River basin. Building One is a seven-story, 215,848 square foot office and Building Two is a five-story, 15 7, 783 office both flanked by a 1,300 car garage. The convex exteriors are clad in stratified Italian travertine, the first of its kind in Austin. Their protective interiors reveal a riotous explosion of transparent glass facades, stonework, and intricately patterned slate mosaics with “random plank” rock formations – which when lit at night become a crystalline wonderland.

Dimensional Place is also a proud participant in the Austin Energy Green Building Program. This program promotes sustainable building concepts that are designed to reduce the impact of construction on the environment, as well as improve energy efficiency of the buildings and provide a quality workspace for the individual – even the roof of the garage has become a garden. Dimensional Place is truly Austin’s gem of the hills.