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Other Emergencies


If an explosion occurs, report the explosion to 911 - Westlake Fire Department and the Property Management Office. Give the following information:

  • Your name, location and phone number
  • Your company’s name
  • Exact location of explosion
  • Cause of explosion
  • Extent of casualties and number and type of injuries
  • Whether explosion caused fires and, if so, location of fire

The Property Management Office will immediately contact the Fire and Police Departments to confirm they are dispatching emergency personnel to the scene.

You should move or evacuate employees and visitors from your tenant area(s), if necessary or upon notification by the Building Emergency Marshall, or by intercom announcement.

Electric Power Outage

Dimensional Place Buildings One and Two are each equipped with an emergency generator which will power certain building systems during a power outage. These systems include all alarm and life safety systems, limited emergency lighting on each floor and one elevator in each rise. All elevators will (one at a time) be automatically lowered to the lobby level and the doors will open. If an outage is of short duration, it should cause little concern. If it is of longer duration, however, you may desire to leave the building. If so, you could utilize one of the available elevators or the stairwells.

Should Property Management need to make contact with you during such electric power outage we will call your tenant contact for after-hour emergencies. This individual’s information needs to be given to the Property Management Office as soon as possible and updated as appropriate.
Severe Weather

In most cases, advance warning of severe weather is not likely. In the event of severe weather, move toward core area rooms, including restrooms, freight elevator lobbies and building stairwells. Close window blinds and office doors as you exit.

The greatest danger will be that of flying glass and objects; therefore, attempt to locate where the maximum numbers of walls are between you and the exterior of the building. Stay away from glass atriums and lobbies.

Work Place Violence

If your company or an individual receives a threat, obtain as much information as possible:

  • What exactly was said?
  • Was a date/time of the threatened action mentioned? (“I’ll be there this afternoon.”)
  • Was a weapon mentioned or known to be in the threat – maker’s possession?
  • Is there prior history with the threat-maker; upset client, ex-employee, ex-boyfriend?
  • Is there a restraining order in effect against this person?
  • Is a photograph or physical description available?

Develop a plan for notifying office personnel, police and building management should the individual come into your office.

Give the front desk receptionist a discreet way to signal for help. Building Security Officers are not armed nor trained in physical intervention. They are trained to confront suspicious individuals, talk them into leaving the building and to report on incidents. Physically threatening individuals should immediately be reported to 911, then report the incident to the Property Management Office at (512) 306-5000.

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